Wykamol Slimline - 40M²

Wykamol Slimline - 40M²


  • £155.36

Wykamol Slimline is a tough, damp-proofing membrane that can be laid on top of damp concrete floors or newly laid floor-slabs. A wide choice of flooring types can then be laid on top, for example, screeds, particle board, and laminated wooden flooring. Insulation can also be used in conjunction with the system, where required.

Wykamol Slimline is much thicker than conventional damp-proofing membranes, and is manufactured from polypropylene – making it extremely strong and resistant to damage.

The patented ”X“ pattern embossed into the membrane makes it easy to cut and fold. It also allows moisture to move behind the membrane, and allows for shrinkage movement when screeds are laid on top.

In refurbishment projects, Wykamol Slimline can allow new finishes to be applied to existing floors without the need to resort to expensive excavation and relaying of damp floors. Wykamol Slimline protects the flooring finish from dampness as well as contaminants such as oil, gas, and acids, making it an excellent choice for factory and warehouse conversions.

Where new floor slabs are to be laid, the use of slimline can allow the fast-track installation of floor finishes while the floor slab is still "drying down," allowing faster completion of projects.

Roll Size: 2m x 20m


Wykamol Slimline can be laid directly onto floors with minimal preparation.

Where rolls of Wykamol Slimline need to be joined, Wykamol double-sided sealing tape should be used. Where the membrane meets walls, it should be allowed to lap 100mm up the wall.


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