Wykabor Wood Preservative

Wykabor Wood Preservative - 25 Litres


  • £60.75

Wykabor Wood Preservative is a water soluble wood preservative based on disodium octaborate ('Boron') particularly suitable for treating window/door joinery and exterior timber cladding to prevent fungal decay in service (when protected by paint or other coating).

Also suitable for the treatment of composite board materials (e.g. plywood, glulam). Certain hardwoods may also benefit from treatment (e.g. oak); please consult our technical department.

Wykabor Wood Preservative can be used to meet the requirements of BS8417:2003 to provide 30 years protection under Hazard Class 3 service conditions (as defined in BS 335:1992).

Wykabor Wood Preservative can be applied as a simple solution by brush, spray, dipping/immersion or other suitable deluge coating methods. For larger dimension timbers or where long term moisture ingress cannot be fully controlled it may be prudent to use Wykabor Wood Preservative in conjunction with Wykamol Boron Rods.

Special Properties

  • Solvent free, Non-flammable
  • Odourless
  • Proven long-term durability
  • Deeply penetrating boron salts
  • Highly effective against decay fungi
  • Comprehensive laboratory and field test data

Additional Information:

Wykabor Wood Preservative is approved as an Industrial Wood reservative for use as directed (Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986, HSE No. 8201) for the protection of timbers in Hazard Classes 1,2 &3.

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