Wykabor 40 - 400CC

Wykabor 40 - 400CC


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Wykabor 40 is a glycol-based wood preservative formulation containing disodium octaborate. Designed for use by injection into larger dimension timbers to protect against wood boring insects and fungal decay.

It is particularly suited for use in damp/wet timbers in contact with masonry (e.g. joist ends, wall plates etc.) where the active ingredients can diffuse into ‘high risk’ areas. Treatments may be supplemented by a surface application of Wykabor 10.

Before deciding on appropriate preservative treatment carefully evaluate the structural integrity of timbers and repair and/or replace those considered unsound (isolated from masonry where possible). Locate and rectify any sources of dampness.

Wykabor 40 can be used to treat sound (new or existing) timbers. For timbers already suffering from fungal decay/insect attack, treatments can be applied effectively as long as measures are also taken to remove sources of moisture and/or improve ventilation in the adjoining areas.

Timbers left in direct contact with masonry below ground level, or in other situations where there is a known continuing source of moisture, can be treated in-situ but should be re-inspected periodically to access their condition.

Wykabor 40 is a deeply penetrating product which causes staining to both the treated timber and any porous materials it is contact with (e.g. plaster, masonry). Further, when timbers are dry, the boron salts may appear as surface crystals in places. THESE FACTORS MAKE THIS PRODUCT SUITABLE ONLY FOR THE TREATMENT OF STRUCTURAL TIMBERS WHICH WILL NOT BE EXPOSED AS A DECORATIVE FEATURE.

Special Properties

  • Deep penetration in wet and dry wood.
  • Odourless.
  • Highly effective, dual purpose preservative.


Additional Information:

  • FOR USE ONLY AS A WOOD PRESERVATIVE (professional use only).
  • HSE Approval Number 9492
  • Manufactured under a quality system complying with BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008.

Further information and advice is freely available from the Wykamol Technical Department. For general guidance consult the HSE Guidance consult the HSE Guidance Note “Remedial Timber Treatment in Buildings” (HSE Books, ISBN 0-11-885987-0).

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