Wykabor 20 Gel - 5 Litres

Wykabor Gel - 5 Litres


  • £48.50

Wykabor Gel is a special boron-based, brushable and injectable gel for use in high risk areas to treat against dry and wet rot as well as wood destroying insects.

Wykabor Gel has been designed for use in all timbers at high risk of damage or decay such as joist ends, purlins, wall plates, cut ends and rafter ends. Wykabor Gel leaves no surface residues after treatment, is non staining and can be over painted in time.

Special Properties

  • Brushable and injectable multi-use gel
  • Excellent highly penetrating preservative
    for the control of wood – rotting fungi
    and wood boring insects
  • Approved under COPR 1986 for use as a
    wood preservative
  • Clean, easy to handle and virtually
    non drip
  • Non-staining preservative gel
  • Odourless and non-flammable
  • Permanent protection because the active
    ingredient does not breakdown


Additional Information:

  • FOR USE ONLY AS A WOOD PRESERVATIVE (professional use only).
  • HSE Approval Number 9491
  • Manufactured under a quality system complying with BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008.

Further information and advice is freely available from the Wykamol Technical Department. For general guidance consult the HSE Guidance consult the HSE Guidance Note “Remedial Timber Treatment in Buildings” (HSE Books, ISBN 0-11-885987-0).

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