Thor Grout Tie - 7MM


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Thor Helical Grout Tie

Grout ties are a combination of Thor Helical W60 Flexi Grout and Thor Heliforce Bars, delivered together to provide a quick, simple and cost effective masonry repair technique with minimum disturbance.

Thor Helical Grout Ties are used for pinning a a repair technique. Manufactured in varying lengths to suit all relevant repar methods.

To install Thor Helical Grout Ties a Grout Tie Pinning Nozzle is required (see below)

Thor Grout Tie

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Product Codes

THBM7X450F 7MM X 450MM Grout Tie
THBM7X600F 7MM X 600MM Grout Tie
THBM7X800F 7MM X 800MM Grout Tie

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