Technocryl 2001 - 25 Litres

Technocryl 2001 - 25 Litres


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Technocryl 2001 is an acrylic water-based dispersion with 50% active solids, specially modified to be compatible with cement-based mixes. It is designed for producing heavy industrial and agricultural floors, bedding grouts for machinery and repair mortars. It can be used both internally or externally in areas of continuous or intermittent water contact.

Technocyl 2001 improves the chemical and water resistance of cement based mixes and is suitable for use in effluent tanks, dairies, food factories, fertilisier stores etc.

Special Properties

  • Improved wear resistance in both wet or dry conditions
  • Improved resistance to grease and oil damage
  • Good impact resistance
  • Excellent load bearing properties
  • Allows heavy duty screeds to be laid safely at 6- 12 mm thickness as opposed to typical 38-50mm
  • No hacking of the sub-floors is needed - except on badly contaminated or weak substrates
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Fewer expansion joints needed due to resilience of the topping
  • No special equipment needed; the flooring mixes are drier than normal, but applications may be carried out using conventional methods.
  • Addition of Technocryl 2001 to cement-based floor mixes of all descriptions, whether externally or internally, provides major improvements in durability and ease of laying.

Purchasing Information

Product Code: TECH200125L
Pack Size: 25 Litres


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