Pump Monitor

Pump Monitor


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The pump monitor has been designed to monitor automatic water sump pumps. It is wired in the power line to the pump. It also has the option to add a high level water alarm indicator. There is also a built-in alarm relay that can be used to signal a home automation system, house alarm or a remote dialler.

The monitor can also be set up on installation to show the amount of water pumped since installation.

Power lamp (green)

On = power on; Flashing = pump on

Set button

Used to: Programme, The type of pump.

Alarm lamp (red)

Flashing = water; Level is high.

Cancel alarm

Button used to: mute an alarm; reset an alarm ; select pump.

Installation Instructions Refer DIA 1

The mains power must be turned off and isolated before any work is attempted. If unsure consult a qualified electrician. Never open the monitor cover with the power on.

The pump monitor must be wired into the power Cable to the pump using the L (live) N (neutral) and E (earth).

The high level water alarm is connected to the float terminal block and is placed in a position in the sump chamber to indicate the water level is too high and needs to operate the alarm. The alarm float is low voitage ('l2VDC) and must be installed so the float rises on contact with water.

Setting Instructions Refer DIA1

Setting the type of pump for the correct volume of water pumped:

  1. Turn off and isolate the power supply.

  2. Open the monitor lid and remove thejumper link from its position on JP1 to its setting position PJ3.

  3. Replace the monitor lid.

  4. Turn on the mains power, the monitor will test lamps and sounder and the display will show.

  5. Use the CANCEL ALARM button to select the type of pump N301, N302, N303, N358 or No Pump selected, this will show on the monitor display.

  6. Press the SET button, the monitor will now store the set pump in it's memory.

  7. Again turn off and isolate the power supply.

  8. Open the monitor lid and removerjumper link from JP3 and place it back on JP1.

  9. Replace monitor lid.

  10. Turn on the mains power, the monitor will again test the lamps and sounder.

To reset the monitor by lifting the pump float so the pump operates, the green lamp will flash when pumping and the display will show the number of pump cycles and the amount of water pumped in litres.

To reset the cycle counter and water pumped, repeat setting above and select the same pump again

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