Powerguard - Single

Powerguard - Single


  • £805.00

The PowerGuard™ is a specially designed control panel for single pump system. The panel comes supplied with 3no. Float Switches for complete control of the pump including a visual\audio high level alarm. The panel also contains a 12v trickled charged battery which will power the alarm in the event of mains supply failure.

The panel features include:

  • High Level Alarm – Battery Backup Alarm for continuous protection from pump failure\loss of mains supply.
  • Run time meter – This display the amount of time the pump has been in operation for.
  • Regular automatic diagnostic check – Weekly test of the pump which will give an early warning of any potential fault within the system.
  • The PowerGuard™ is also supplied with an Auto/Manual pump converter enabling the PowerGuard™ – Single to be retrofitted for use on an existing pump system.
  • Additional products can also be connected to the PowerGuard™ to offer even more protection for your pump system including a hard-wired telemetry system which will send a fault message to up to 4 different phones to give the earliest possible warning of a fault with the pump system.

More about PowerGuard™

Product reference: PowerGuard™ .
Parts list: 1 Control Panel
1 Control Panel Key
3 Float Switch ‘Mini’
1 Auto to Manual pumps converter
1 Panel Mounting Kit and Cable Connectors
1 L-shaped float bracket
Accessories: [19012] Dial up Telemetry
[2198]BBPS System
[29002]UPS Backup


Standard Product Features

Technical specifications:

  • Power Supply Input - 1ph, 230V
  • Power Supply Output - 1ph, 230V
  • Pump Current Range - 0-22A
  • Protection - IP55
  • Weight - 10kg


  • Height - 430mm
  • Width - 325mm
  • Depth - 185mm

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