Microsealer - 10 Litres

Microsealer - 10 Litres


  • £42.50

Wykamol MicroSealer is a highly penetrative solution specially formulated to react with hydrated cement both at the surface and to a depth of up to 15 mm. The Silicate active ingredients form monolithic structures within the concrete which are long-lasting and durable and will improve surface wear characteristics.

Additionally, a silicone resin component cures to form water repellent properties in the concrete thereby improving even further the resistance to surface water absorption and/or lime efflorescence.

New concrete floors may be treated after a period of curing (approx. 14 days). However, power-floated floors are not suitable for treatment. Please note that MicroSealer will not prevent excessive laitance from delaminating. Surface preparation to remove excessively weak material by mechanical abrasion is essential. It is also advised that surface weakness in floors with a deficiency in cement content may not be successfully treated by chemical hardening nor is MicroSealer suitable as a surface preparation prior to painting.

Special Properties

  • Water-based/odourless
  • Reduces dusting of old and new concrete
  • Inhibits lime efflorescence
  • Extends floor life
  • Reduces penetration of oil/water
  • Easy to use


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