Lateral Restraints

Lateral Restraints


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Lateral Restraint Ties

Lateral restraint wall ties for restraining bulging walls. Tie walls to 2 or more timber joists or studs using these 8mm diameter stainless steel ties.

Lateral restraint ties are fitted from outside the property with a minimum of disturbance - in most cases just lift a few floorboards to determine the position of the joists and to ensure hidden wires or pipes are avoided during tie installation.

Each restraint tie has a drill-like leading end for cutting into softwood. Using a drill, simply wind the lateral restraint ties into the timbers and resin fix the masonry end.

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Product Codes

THLRT10 8MM X 1000MM Lateral Restraint Tie
THLRT12 8MM X 1200MM Lateral Restraint Tie
THLRT15 8MM X 1500MM Lateral Restraint Tie
THLRT20 8MM X 2000MM Lateral Restraint Tie

For fixing Lateral Restraint Ties you need:

  • A hammer drill & a 14mm x 400mm SDS drill bit for drilling the wall.
  • A drill & a Lateral Restraint Setting Tool for driving the lateral restraints into timbers.
  • Polyester or Epoxy resin & applicator gun to bond the restraint ties to the masonry wall.

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