Kontract Mesh

Kontract Mesh - 40m²


  • £225.00

Kontract Interior Waterproofing System

Roll size: 2m x 20m

Cavity drain membranes, drainage and accessories for remedial interior isolation of damp above-ground or basement walls and floors and direction of surface water.

  • Water entering through walls is contained behind membranes and directed to drainage at base of wall.
  • Suitable to provide Type C drained protection to Grade 3 or Grade 4 environment for residential or commercial use, in conjunction with adequate heating and ventilation.
  • Requires sump and pump or equivalent passive water disposal system. (Sumps and pumps specified separately).


Guidance for Kontract Interior Waterproofing System from Preservation Supplies


Kontract Mesh:

  • HDPE. High density polyethylene with moulded compression studs and HDPE mesh facing.
  • Compression (maximum): 150 kN/m².
  • On walls, suitable as backing for plasterboard on dabs or direct application of plaster.
  • Fixed to walls at 250 mm centres by drilling through membrane studs and inserting plaster plugs. Lap sheets 90 mm and seal using tape.
  • Suitable for ventilated application on walls above DPC level: Leave 20 mm gap to bottom of wall membrane and 10 mm gap to top. Insert profile strips into applied finishes or offset skirtings and covings.
  • Suitable for applied coatings on walls: Use lightweight gypsum plasters or 1:1:6 cement:sand:lime render. 8 mm first coat to fill studs. 7 mm second coat. 3 mm skim coat. (Plaster or render specified elsewhere).
  • Suitable for applied dry linings on walls.
  • On floors, loose lay with compression studs downwards. Butt joint and seal using Overtape. Seal wall/ floor junction using Corner detail trim.
  • Floors can be overlaid using expanded polystyrene insulation with T&G floorboards, conventional screed or anhydrite screed. (Floorboards or screeds specified elsewhere).

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