Homevent Loft Unit

Homevent Loft Unit


  • £386.25

Positive Input Ventilation System... an energy efficient method of displacing stale contaminated air and replacing it with fresh filtered air. Fresh air is drawn from outside via the loft space through a filter on the unit and delivered into a central location in your home.

This displaces vapour-laden air, which lowers humidity levels, cures condensation and eradicates mould.


  • Reduces/eliminates surface condensation
  • Quiet operation
  • Eliminates mould
  • Stops streaming windows
  • Removes musty odours
  • Improves air quality
  • Can reduce heating costs
  • Takes advantage of the benefits of solar gain
  • Benefits asthma sufferers
  • BBA approved

The Wykamol Homevent unit runs continuously except when the loft temperature rises above 25°C when the unit will switch off, as this hot incoming air would be uncomfortable.When the air temperature falls below 25°C, the unit will switch back on.



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