High Level Alarm Maxi

High Level Alarm Maxi


  • £317.78

Top of the range alarm system, being powered and battery back up, if a loss of power happens the internal battery system will still operate a heavy duty powered alarm which can be extended to fit anywhere in the house for optimum use. This unit should be wall mounted and will notify clients of a possible high water level.

Kit comprises:

  • Float switch for fixing to side of tank above activation level of pump. Requires 20 mm hole in side of tank.
  • 5 m, 2 core, connection cable for 24 V signal to alarm panel.

Alarm panel:

  • For surface mounting.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 190 x 140 x 80 mm.
  • Requires 230 V, 13 amp fused spur, independent of pump spur.

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