Heavy Duty Crackstitching Bars

Heavy Duty Crackstitching Bars


  • £8.20

Thor Heliforce Heavy Duty Bars

These patented Heavy Duty helical reinforcement bars offer superior performance to other helibar type crack stitch products to significantly increase the shear, tensile and flexural strength of cracked masonry walls.

The 8mm heavy duty helical re-bars have a tensile strength greater than 12kN, whilst the 9mm diameter HD Plus masonry reinforcement has more than 15kN.

For fixing HD or HD-Plus reinforcement bars you need: Thor W60 Flexigrout, Mixing paddle & Grout-Master or Mortar gun with appropriate crack stitch or brick pinning nozzle.

Product Codes:

THBM9X1000F 9MM X 1000MM Thor Heliforce HD Bar
THBM9X1500F 9MM X 1500MM Thor Heliforce HD Bar

9MM X 2000MM Thor Heliforce HD Bar

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