Crackstitching Bars - 6MM

Crackstitching Bars - 6MM


  • £4.39

Patented helical re-bars for masonry repairs to walls and brickwork. These twisted crack stitching bars comprise 6mm high tensile (circa 8kN) stainless steel helical ties that are bonded across cracks in a wall to increase the tensile and flexural strength of masonry. The cracked wall is reconnected, tensile forces redistributed along the full length of the bars helix and the stabilised structure restored to full strength.

Available in standard 6mm diameter or 5mm diameter for thin mortar beds. Available in four different lengths 1000mm, 1200mm, 2000mm and 7000mm.

To fix Thor Heliforce Bars you need: Thor W60 Flexi Grout, Helix mixing paddle, Finger trowel and Grout Master or Mortar Gun & nozzle.

Product Codes

THBM6X1000F 6MM X 1000MM Thor Heliforce Bar
THBM6X1200F 6MM X 1200MM Thor Heliforce Bar
THBM6X2000F 6MM X 2000MM Thor Heliforce Bar
THBM6X7000F* 6mm X 7000MM Thor Heliforce Bar

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