CM8 Waterproofing Membrane - 42m²

CM8 Waterproofing Membrane


  • £178.00

Wykamol CM8 is a cavity drain membrane and is manufactured from high density polyethylene (PEH). It is impermeable and resistant to the usual chemicals in the building construction.

CM Interior Basement Waterproofing System

Membranes, drainage and accessories for remedial interior isolation of damp basement walls and direction of surface water.

  • Water entering through walls is contained behind membranes and directed to drainage at base of wall.
  • Requires sump and pump or equivalent passive water disposal system. (Sumps and pumps specified separately).

Guidance for CM Interior Basement Waterproofing System from Preservation Supplies


  • Not suitable for horizontal soffits.

CM 8:

  • HDPE. High density polyethylene with moulded compression studs.
  • Compression (maximum): 120 kN/m².
  • Suitable for basement walls or floors with active water penetration.
  • Fixed to walls at 450–600 mm centres by drilling through membrane studs and inserting brick plugs.
  • Horizontal laps: Overlap by three studs and seal with Rope seal. Vertical laps: Overlap flange area and seal with tape.
  • Above DPC level, leave 20 mm gap to bottom of wall membrane and 10 mm gap to top, as ventilation for water vapour. Insert profile strips into applied finishes or offset skirtings and covings.
  • Walls typically finished using dry lining. (Dry lining specified elsewhere).
  • Loose lay to floors with studs down. Seal flanges using tape. Seal other edges using Overtape.
  • Floors can be overlaid using expanded polystyrene insulation with T&G floorboards, conventional screed or anhydrite screed. (Floorboards or screeds specified elsewhere).


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