Hydradry Tanking - 25KG

Hydradry Tanking - 25KG


  • £52.00

Wykamol HydraDRY is a BBA Approved cementitious compound designed for application to the internal surfaces of walls and the associated solid floors of cellars, basements and other areas below ground level and subject to penetrating dampness.

The HydraDRY system prevents ingress of liquid water and works by forming a physical and chemical bond with the substrate. It provides a monolithic waterproof membrane yet still allows some vapour transmission thereby reducing the risk of condensation.

HydraDRY can provide sufficient protection of a ‘Grade 3’ basement as defined in Table 1 of BS8102 : 1990 and conforms with Category 7 of the BCA basement waterproofing design and site guides.


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