'DPC No. 1' Damp Proofing Fluid - 25 Litres

Damp Proofing Fluid - 25 Litres


  • £72.00

Wykamol DPC No1 is a BBA Approved Damp Proofing Fluid - organic solvent-based stearate resin (POAS) solution designed for the creation of chemical damp proof courses in walls above ground level.

Amorphous substrates such as solid chalk, (unfired) clay tec. May not be suitable for chemical damp proofing treatments. Stone walls filled with earth are similarly unsuitable.

All treatments should be in accordance with BS6576 : 1985 (Code of Practice for the installation of chemical damp proof courses). In particular, the inserted dpc should be below the level of a timber floor unless prevented by structural considerations. Such floors should be inspected due to the risk of fungal decay.

Note: DPC No1 is designed to control capillary moisture movement only. Walls heavily impregnated with microscopic salts or suffering from the effects of penetrating or condensation dampness may require further measures* (see ‘reinstatement’ in the Product Guide) to create a dry internal environment.

Special Properties

  • Approved by the British Board of Agrément.
  • Compliments the Wykamol Group
    range of rising damp treatments.


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